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The Greatest Love

"You do it a lot. You’ll say something negative about yourself. If you say anything at all. You’re not very good at taking compliments, you know.”


Deanna has spent her life trying to please everyone. Then Richard Carter asks her to marry him and she accepts … because, why not?


He's smart, good-looking and, sure, there are a few red flags, but he claims to love her. The marriage is against her father's wishes but she's tired of sacrificing her own desires for her father's sake.


She slowly begins to realise her husband's charming exterior hides a monster beneath. She escapes her abusive marriage and falls for another man - her husband's former best friend.


He's kind and thoughtful - sure, he may not be as good-looking but he's a good man and he makes her laugh. She loves him but knows it's not enough. Ultimately, she must decide if this new love is what she really needs.


She has to move on from the past and learn to love herself.

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